Hard Targets, New Media

In the summer of 2005, I produced CNN’s coverage of the King Tut show here at LACMA. I was at the museum for a few days interviewing curators, shooting footage, and coordinating our live shots that began very early in the morning, well before the museum was open. To be in the quiet, uninhabited galleries was nothing short of magical. I thought, “This is what it’s all about—having a personal communion with art.” So, I want to share that experience with you, what it’s like to be behind the scenes, and more specifically, to watch a show come to fruition—what the curator is experiencing, the artists are contemplating, etc.

Check in as I Twitter daily (or near daily) about the ins and outs of installing Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets—Masculinity and Sport (opening this Thursday) and take a look at our YouTube interviews with some of the artists. It’s a fun group to say the least. And for more on the exhibition and the museum projects series in general, Senior Curatorial Fellow Howard Fox enlightens us with a scholarly article available on LACMA Wiki. Even more to come soon.

In the meantime here’s what artist Shaun El C. Leonardo had to say about getting pummeled by a bunch of semi-pro football players in his upcoming opening-night performance piece for the show.

Allison Agsten

2 Responses to Hard Targets, New Media

  1. […] Top post on the site right now is an interview with Shaun El C. Leonardo, who’s  “getting pummeled by a bunch of semi-pro football players” at Wednesday night’s opening for Hard Targets – Masculinity and Sport.  Can’t wait to see that. […]

  2. Daniel says:

    I love that you are providing a behind the scenes look at an exhibition and museum – it’s my favorite type of museum story. Keep up the good work.

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