Obama and McCain on the Arts

A few bloggers have recently written about the arts policies (or lack thereof) of the presidential candidates. Obama has had a pretty substantial issue statement on his website for some time now; in the last few days, McCain, who had not formally addressed the issue, released a paragraph-length statement on the topic to the Salt Lake Tribune. For those of you who are thinking of the arts as the election approaches, take a look at the grid recently disseminated by the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, which succinctly sums up the positions of each candidate.

Allison Agsten

2 Responses to Obama and McCain on the Arts

  1. […] is getting on their podium so I figured I would point you in the direction of UNFRAMED and read Obama and McCain on the arts because I do decide who to vote on depending on their stances on policies, not whether they wear […]

  2. […] to “call that an education policy, not an arts policy.” (Update: LACMA’s new blog Unframed apparently found it first, according to the LA Times’ Christopher Knight). Democrat Barack […]

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