And the Winners for Best Costume Are…

Saturday’s sold-out Muse Costume Ball was a smashing success. As always, there was an array of creative costumes, ranging from Han Solo to Andy Warhol. Congratulations go to:

…the incredibly elaborate ostrich for taking home the prize for Best Halloween Costume…

…the Girl with the Pearl Earring for Best Art Inspired Costume…

…and the classiest jellyfish under the sea for Most Glamorous.

Photos by Joshua Targownik

Check out slideshows of more great costumes on Flickr and LA Weekly.

Jason Gaulton, Muse Coordinator

2 Responses to And the Winners for Best Costume Are…

  1. Hans Hoffmann says:

    That would be Han Solo, not Hans Solo….

  2. Pretty Woman says:

    This Halloween ball was a blast. They definitely need to improve on the food. In addition, the people that promote such an event should not encourage a “themed” night and then turn around and give the prize for best costume, etc. to those not in the theme they promote. The promotion was to come as your “favorite famous person, dead or alive”, which many people did (and those that did looked amazing!). But, none of the costumes selected had anything to do with this encouraged theme. Some people worked very hard on their costumes (hours of sewing and gluing), only to have the evening deflated when a tree, an ostrich and a horse went up for the prize. Mind you, these costumes where amazing, but, I would have gone with a completely different costume had I known, in advance, that the contest was not focused on “come as your favorite famous person, dead or alive.” After the contest, many people just went home. I hope that the selected people that pass out the “wristbands” for the 2009 costume contest keep this issue in mind. It was fun, but ended on a sour note.

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