Obama Asks for Help Shaping Arts Policies

Now that the country is in transition mode, Barack Obama has set up a website dedicated to his move into the White House, change.gov (does anyone else feel a little warm inside seeing “.gov” attached to “change”?).
During the campaign we noted Obama’s statement on the arts. The arts are mentioned on his new website as well, though in far less detail; they’re grouped under the hodgepodge “Additional Issues,” along with child advocacy, Katrina, science, transportation, and… sportsmen (“America’s hunters and anglers are a key constituency that must take an active role and have a powerful voice in this coalition.”). However, there is a link on that page through which you can submit your own ideas on any policy matters—including the arts. Election Day is behind us but you can still make your voice heard. [Thanks to PopMatters for pointing this out.]

Scott Tennent

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