Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA


Alex, Toni, and Chelsey

Why did you come to LACMA today?
Chelsey: Alex had a school project and her dad owns the car that is on display.

Did you ever ride in it?
Alex: I’ve been in it once and it was humiliating. I was sixteen and it was such a bumpy ride and it’s on hydraulics. It was really embarrassing; everyone was staring at us… It would be cool to ride in it now.


Liz and Casey

If you were a piece of artwork which one would you be and why?
Casey: Cosmo magazine.
Liz: The song called “Shoop” (as answered by Casey for Liz).

Has a piece of artwork ever made you laugh or cry?
Casey: It was a piece by Paul McCarthy. I was standing there laughing and people were looking at me as if it was scandalous that I was laughing, and I was thinking this is ART.



Why did you come to the museum today?
I came to see the Dutch paintings, I had a couple hours off and I just need something to clear my head.

Why the Dutch paintings?
When I was twenty-three my band toured Holland and I went to the Riijksmuseum when I was there, and in a moment looking at the Dutch paintings it all just clicked.

Rachel Mullennix and Michael Storc

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