Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA

Kansas, Ella, Vanessa, Toulah, Luna, Laura, Terry (teacher), Zach, Will

Kansas, Ella, Vanessa, Toulah, Luna, Laura, Terry (teacher), Zach, and Will | School group on a field trip

If you were an artwork, which one would you be and why?
Toulah: I’d probably be a ceramic bowl or something, maybe a plate, because I really enjoy ceramics and I think they’re very pretty.

Luna: Ditto. Or I could be a piece of photography, like a picture of something in nature; or a picture of the moon, because my name is Luna.

Terry: I’d be a jade mask from Mesoamerica, ’cause that’s my favorite time period in history, and I like the facial features that culture highlights in their art.

Zach: I’d have to say that I would be a seventeenth-century French galleon, at night, by a tropical island, on a full moon. Basically, I really enjoy little islands in the middle of nowhere, I enjoy the moon, and I’ve always loved classical ships.

Madame Boa and Finn

Madame Boa and Finn | Artists

Why did you come to the museum today?
Finn: Inspiration, fundamentally, I would say.
Madame Boa: Yeah, inspiration. We need to keep the flow trained as creative people, and everyone needs to, but especially when you’re creating art. Not necessarily to get ideas, but more to be around the energy of creation.

Michael and Cher | fashion designers from Liverpool

Michael and Cher | Liverpool fashion designers on their honeymoon

Has a piece of art ever made you laugh or cry?
Michael: I laughed at the Mona Lisa just because of how ridiculously small it was. You have something in your head, and it’s this big; but when I saw it in real life it was sort of a—not a let down, but you just sort of laugh about it and think, “God, that should be so much bigger.”

If you were a piece of artwork, which one would you be and why?
Cher: There is a sculpture in Liverpool, the Lamb and Banana, which I really like. It’s bright yellow, half banana and half lamb, and that’s really good fun.

Rachel Mullennix and Michael Storc

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