Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA


Jacob (student) and Chris (photographer)

Why did you come to the museum today?
Jacob: Because it’s where we come to unwind. We need a little time down so we can hang out, you know, maybe get a couple of drinks [laughs].

What are you reading right now?
Chris: Marciano Magazine.
Jacob: 33 Strategies of War.


Melanie (headhunter) and Ken (screenwriter)

If you were a piece of artwork, which one would you be?
Ken: Probably a Frank Stella, but I can’t think which one. I like machines, so you obviously have to have mechanical knowledge to do a piece like that. They seem to be larger than life; they don’t just lie there. To be something by Jackson Pollock, I mean I like Pollock, but it’s being a victim of a shotgun.

Melanie: I’d be a Calder sculpture because they are usually out in the open and they are moving and a sense of whimsy.

Rachel Mullennix and Michael Storc

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