Behind the Scenes

There are a few staff-only areas at LACMA that I’ve often thought the public would enjoy getting a peek at. To that end, here’s the first in an occasional series of little glimpses into our world…

Boardroom with "Some Clouds (as floor) and Los Angeles Freeways (as ceiling), 2006," © John Baldessari

There’s a chance you may have actually seen elements of the LACMA boardroom, pictured above, on a visit to the museum. Its carpet and ceiling wallpaper installation were created by John Baldessari for the hugely popular Magritte exhibition, which went on view in the fall of 2006. John Baldessari’s installation literally flips the world upside down—snarled freeways in the sky and clouds underfoot. Always a pleasure to attend a meeting here.

Allison Agsten

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