Behind the Scenes, Part II

A few weeks ago, we showed you the artful LACMA in our first behind the scenes photo installment. Now, a peek into the conservation lab…

Many of us who work in museums agree that this is one of the most interesting spots on campus. It’s the place where art and science come together and any time I pop in, like when I recently made a surprise visit to take this picture, there’s something fascinating to see. In the image above, conservator Don Menveg stabilizes loose bone inlay in an Ottoman cradle.

Allison Agsten

One Response to Behind the Scenes, Part II

  1. RichardMcCoy says:

    How sweet it is that Allison stops down into the conservation department to find out what’s shaking. Please don’t come around our department anytime soon — you’ll see us frantically working away on the Euro Design show.

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