Papering the House

Franz West, To Build a House You Start with the Roof: Work, 1972-2008, opens at LACMA March 12, and one of the pieces on view, Liege (1989), requires the daily inclusion of local newspapers. We’d like to heighten the level of participation in this already interactive exhibition by inviting you to bring by a section or two of the L.A. paper you look at in the morning for the show. Here’s how it works: drop off your favorite read—must be a current edition—in the box at the LACMA staff entrance (located to the left of the Wilshire and Spaulding entry) by 11 am throughout the duration of the show (closes June 7) and we’ll get the papers into the galleries each day where they will be placed on a couch for visitors to peruse.

Couch (Liege), 1989, courtesy of Zwirner & Wirth, New York, © Franz West

Couch (Liege), 1989, courtesy of Zwirner & Wirth, New York, © Franz West

We’ve got the Los Angeles Times covered, so give us a hand with news sections of the others. We’re especially interested in non-English language dailies so that we can represent the diversity of our community in the show. It’s a great opportunity to take part in a LACMA exhibition in an entirely new way, and we hope you’ll pitch in.

Allison Agsten

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  1. nik says:

    cant wait!

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