Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA


Portia and Felisha, college students

Why did you come to LACMA today?

Portia: We are here on a field trip for our class for an art project. We need to compare and contrast German art and artists.

Has a piece of art ever made you emotional?

Felisha: There was a piece in [Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures] and it was a bunch of shoes and gloves. It spoke volumes…
Portia: It was kind of like the rice exhibit that they did, where they took a piece of rice for everybody that dies of AIDS and it was piled up. I know it was just grains of rice, but looking at it all, it was shocking.

Where do you want to travel?

Felisha: Africa. I just want see what Africa is like, it looks really beautiful on T.V., but I wanted to go and see what it really is like, besides what is on T.V.


Monica and Mary, actors

Why did you come to the museum today?

Mary: We had a casting down the street in the SAG building.

Have you been inspired by art?

Monica: The first time I went to Chicago I saw Paul Klee’s work; I’d never seen it before and that inspired me to create more. I remember staring at his paintings and thinking they were so beautiful and the story of his disease that he had throughout and how he conquered it. So that made me think work hard at what you have and what you do.

Rachel Mullennix and Michael Storc

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