Installing the Capua Aphrodite

As LACMA’s conservation photographer, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks documenting the installation of the exhibition Pompeii and the Roman Villa, which opens this Sunday. It has been nothing short of amazing to experience the installation of this fantastic exhibition and to be so close to these gorgeous and historical works of art. I thought it would be fun to share some images of the installation of one of the most magnificent pieces in this show—The Capua Aphrodite (117-138 AD). Standing well over six feet, this goddess was treated with utmost respect by our expert art handlers—up to eight people at times—guided by the very gentle and experienced hand of Giovanni Cirella from the National Archeological Museum of Naples. The images show the process of installation—from uncrating, lifting, and moving, to finally sliding and shifting into place.

Yosi Pozeilov, Senior Conservation Photographer

One Response to Installing the Capua Aphrodite

  1. Linda says:

    loved (!!!) these pictures of the whole process of installing her. she almost seems to talk as all the men around her handle her.

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