Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA


Mouran, PhD student, and David, who works in the internet business

Why did you come to the museum today?

David: We are visiting Los Angeles, from Rome, and a friend of ours, who lives in West Hollywood, said that we had to come here for a visit.

Is this your first time to Los Angeles?

David: Yes, we came here first two weeks ago and then we went all around California, San Francisco and Las Vegas, and now we are back before we head home.

What do you think of Los Angeles?

David: Well, it’s nice. In the beginning it’s a little bit hard to get in touch with the city, it’s a huge city, it’s very … sparse, not dense, so at the beginning it’s very hard to find the path, but now we are feeling a little bit more comfortable.

Mouran: We feel like we are learning part of the language, not the English, but I mean the local vibe.

What is your favorite thing that you have done in Los Angeles?

David: Third Street has been very nice. We went to have lunch at Joan’s on Third and went walking around and shopping a little bit.

Mouran: I ate a cupcake, the first time in my life I ate a cupcake. I didn’t even know what it is.

David: And we’ve been to Santa Monica to have a walk on the oceanfront and to Venice.

Mouran: I liked Venice very much, to come from Italy and see the Venice canals here, it’s very different, but it’s also very interesting. It gives you a feeling of an American re-interpretation of the concept.

David: Let’s not forget the architecture, it’s very cool here in Los Angeles, very nice building. It’s amazing because we were saying, how in Italy there is a heavy heritage and … you are bound to it. But here you can see there has been great work in renovation and innovation in architecture.

Mouran: Also the fact that it does not have a center. It’s like a psychological point of view, where you can easily get lost.

Rachel Mullennix and Michael Storc

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