Snapshot: Who’s at LACMA


Jeffery, graphic designer and Alvin, student

Why did you come to LACMA today?
I’m here visiting L.A. for six weeks from Chicago and he’s just showing me some of the places I haven’t been to yet.

What do you think of L.A.?
Jeffery: I like it. As I’ve been exploring parts of it there is the nitty-gritty and then you can wander up in the hills and see amazing architecture. I’m staying up in Silver Lake and I like the diversity of all the hills and then walking around Sunset and seeing the urban street life.


Kathy and John; both work at Screen Actors Guild

Where would you like to travel?
: Greece. I like antiquities and there a lot I don’t know and I like history.
John: I think my next trip would probably be Brazil. I think that it’s a place that has everything—it’s got the beach, the mountains, rainforests.

What’s your favorite museum?
Kathy: I love the Met in New York.
John: I should just go for the obvious and say LACMA. I do live in the neighborhood and I love that it’s here and I love being able to come here. I love [the Pay What You Wish program] after 5 pm and the Friday jazz—the whole deal. I think it’s fantastic.

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