Name the Object

Take a look at the permanent collection objects below and see if you can guess their names. Create your own title in the final bonus question and we’ll send a pair of VIP tickets to the Pompeii exhibition to the reader with our favorite suggestion. Answers are after the jump and more info on this selection of works, all which were included in our 2007 exhibition SoCal: Southern California Art of the 1960s and 70s, can be found on Collections Online.



A. Magma

B. Conch

C. Echo

D. Freckles




A. Untitled (The Elusive Eureka)

B. Untitled (The Epiphany Evident)

C. Untitled (Santa Monica Sunset)

D. Untitled (Tarry Night)




A. Badgirl

B. Goodboy

C. Sweetlady

D. Angryman




A. Old Cotton Fields Back Home

B. Chicago Plains, Harvested

C. Barren Citrus Groves Out West

D. Tilled Sand




A. Bob

B. John

C. Tom

D. Ron




A. Tetris in Blue

B. Blue in Two

C. Temples in Blue

D. Big Blue




A. Acid Breeze with Yellow

B. Silent, Asphalt and Cement

C. Ionic Gesture, Part II

D. Silence and Ion Wind




Ronald Davis made Roto, above, in 1968. It’s a Polyester resin and fiberglass sculpture, 62 x 136 inches. (See a larger view here.) What would you name this object? Tell us in the Comment section for your chance to win two VIP tickets to see our Pompeii exhibition.

Answers after the jump . . .

1. C. Echo
Kenneth Price, 1997

2. A. Untitled (The Elusive Eureka)
Norman Zammitt, 1977–78

3. B. Goodboy
Lloyd Hamrol, 1965 

4. A. Old Cotton Fields Back Home
Larry Bell, 1962 

5. C. Tom
Billy Al Bengston, 1968 

6. A. Tetris in Blue . . . Kidding! It’s D. Big Blue
Ronald Davis, 1965 

7. D. Silence and Ion Wind
Eric Orr, 1981

13 Responses to Name the Object

  1. “Around in Color” (Roto) I can’t see what the designs are in each panel, but if it’s animals or figures, then I would add a reference to those images…

  2. Judy says:

    Slide show (Roto)

  3. “I Live Behind Concrete Walls”

  4. gina says:

    “Color Happenings”

  5. Um, did anyone actually BUY this stuff? Why? That can go with the supposed Curators series, Uh, hello, HELLOOOO! Anybody home? Guess they got laid off, only been a week. Must be busy threading plastic plastic cups in the Korean show. Artistes.

    art collegia delenda est

  6. Joseph says:

    “Mondrian at the Gay Rodeo”

  7. zack says:



    “rodeo drive dressing room from hell”

  8. zack says:


    “panopticon (rodeo drive dressing rooms)”

  9. lacma says:

    Suggestions from our Facebook page:

    Suzanne Gibson at 7:25am June 15
    “Around in Color”

    Cameron O’Steen at 10:55am June 15
    Punch Card Clock Report

    Andrew Chaves at 11:12am June 15
    Dharma’s Kaleidoscope Report

    Angela King at 12:32pm June 15
    “Auroras Aura”

    Chuck Tellez at 4:10pm June 15
    see and say

    Pamela Sivula at 6:39pm June 15
    Zoetrope Fantasie in Six Colors

    Wendy Taylor at 8:36pm June 15
    rainbow panorama

  10. zack says:

    thought it over, and I’m going for a nested retitling for maximum arty-ness:

    ‘panopticon” (architectural drawing from ‘rodeo drive dressing room from hell’, socialite torture version, after bruce nauman and michel foucault)

    now if I could just remember what period in historical painting used multi tiered titles, I’d reference that as well. anyone? LACMA staffers, help? I’m blanking here.

  11. gina says:


  12. laura says:

    “fragmented ferris wheel”

  13. Ronald Davis’s wife responds:
    Yo LACMA: Is this the way you’re going about getting the public interested in modern art? The general public isn’t very well educated about world class modernism to begin with, and even though social networking tools may help give exposure to your Modern collection, the “game” of “name that painting” is pretty lame didactic. Do you even WONDER why the arts are often misunderstood, overlooked and underfunded in this country? Ron Davis’s “Roto” and all the Dodecagons in his 1960s series were made to be beautiful objects, not to tease people with. While the Baby Boomers were marching in the streets against the horrors of the Vietnam War, he and other artists of his generation in Los Angeles were in the studio making art as a reply to that war and to the insanity of the times. Where there was ugliness in the world, Ron and others sought to create beauty. Sure, you own the painting “Roto,” but the law says Ronald Davis owns the intellectual property and the copyright, so take a bit of care, please. Why not try a different approach to attracting interest in LACMA, maybe by writing a social networking “game” that focuses instead on positiveness, beauty, color, technique, history, or humanity rather than meaningless, idle “What kind of complete jerk would YOU be if YOU had to name somebody else’s painting you’re too much of a Philistine to understand?” I think your “name this thing” blog is very disrespectful, and typical of institutional bullying of artists by museum biz administrators looking for ways to drum up tacky, sensationalist “bread and circuses” approaches to your dwindling museum business.
    BTW, Mr. Razell: why yes, people DID buy these — do a search for “Ron Davis Dodecagon” on the internet and you’ll see they were acquired by major institutions and collectors worldwide…. like LACMA.
    Thank you for letting me share.
    — Barbara Davis, Taos, New Mexico

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