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We thought you may enjoy perusing a selection of the most popular links we’ve sent via Twitter in the last couple of months. Judging by the number of clicks on url’s below, it appears you guys are really into stamps and Che Guevara. Interesting combo.

Good news, recent art grads! Even more reason to work in non-profit after college: –DN 3:29 PM May 28th from web

A peek into our Pompeii galleries 3:31 PM May 7th from TweetDeck

The Mona Lisa in 140 characters via @culturemonster –AA11:28 AM May 22nd from TweetDeck

From ‘53-’72, there was an actual pool @ Hollywood Bowl: Check out other LA imagery here: –DN 3:04 PM May 18th from web

1st class stamp prices go up to 44 cents today. Want to nominate your favorite artwork for a future stamp? See how: — DN 3:19 PM May 11th from web

The legacy of Che Guevara imagery in 388 pages—¡Viva La Revolucion! — ES 11:48 AM May 20th from web

Keep on clicking – we’ll start sharing your favorite links here at Unframed on a monthly basis.

Allison Agsten

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