Your Bright Playlist

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Another exhibition, another iTunes playlist created in its honor. This one was a little tougher to come up with than the Pompeii or Urban Light playlists, as those had subject matter that many a pop tune have addressed—volcanoes! light! Korea? Not so much. And while I might have done ten songs about “the future,” that seemed like a cheat. So this time around I tried to find songs whose titles riffed on the titles of the artworks in the show. You can download this mix at the iTunes store:

1. Viva Voce: Brightest Part of Everyone [for Bahc Yiso’s Your Bright Future]

2. The Books: The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice? [ditto]

3. Earlimart: We’re so Happy (We Left the Piano in the Truck) [for Bahc Yiso’s We Are Happy]

4. Minutemen: Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? [for Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Beyond Truth and Reason]

5. Al Green: Tired of Being Alone [for Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Hey, Am I All Alone Here?]

6. American Analog Set: White House [for Jeon Joonho’s The White House]

7. The Easybeats: I’ll Make You Happy [for Choi Jeong-Hwa’s HappyHappy]

8. The Breeders: Divine Hammer [for Kim Beom’s Pregnant Hammer #1]

9. Iron & Wine: Radio War [for Kim Beom’s An Iron in the form of a Radio]

10. The Mekons: Hard to Be Human Again [for Gimhongsok’s Human Abstract]

11. Neko Case: The Needle Has Landed [for Kimsooja’s A Needle Woman]

12. Dios (Malos): You Got Me All Wrong [for Minouk Lim’s Wrong Question]

13. Superchunk: I Guess I Remembered It Wrong [ditto]

14. Elliott Smith: Shooting Star [for Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star 1/5]

15. Sondre Lerche: Two Way Monologue [for Jooyeon Park’s Monologue]

16. The Electric Prunes: General Confessional [for Jooyeon Park’s Eclectic Rhetoric]

Scott Tennent

5 Responses to Your Bright Playlist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scott Tennent –

    Why weren’t each of the artists asked for a song rather than imposing your own? That would have been the true playlist.

    Instead, you have made the playlist like a Taschen book and associated songs to art just because the same words or phrases appear in each of the titles.

    For example, “Everything Red” would flatten and obliterate the politics carried by a Soviet flag and an apple just because they share the same attributes.

  2. I got the perfect tune for the whole lot.
    Miles Davis
    Kind of Blue
    So What?

    Except that is Creative art music, for art school playtime toys.
    Not appropriate, should be for real art, de Stael or Diebenkorn perhaps, maybe Anselm Kiefer.

    Perhaps the Who, Wont get fooled again.
    As this is nonsense, and a waste of time, materials, space and again, time, the viewers. Dont be fooled, art is returning, for it is needed again, and the playtime stuff put to bed.

    Proven once more.
    art collegia delenda est
    Time to put aside childish things.

  3. anon says:

    Has there ever been thought of a consortium of L.A.-based art blogs coming together to award the Sarah Palin Prize for commenters? Because I think Donald Frazell is really the front-runner.

  4. Probably closer to Joe Biden. I think Palin would be Christopher Knight.

  5. E.L. says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the playlist! I went to see “Your Bright Future” on Monday and absolutely LOVED it. And I like how you picked a song to go with the titles of each piece! It’s always great to have the chance to listen to new music 🙂

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