Unpacking Storage Piece

If you visited Your Bright Future early in the exhibition’s run, you may be surprised to know that Haegue Yang’s Storage Piece looks quite different now. When originally installed, the piece was comprised of stacked crates filled with previously unsold works by the artist (for the story on Storage Piece, check the Your Bright Future feature on the front page of lacma.org). Over the course of the exhibition, those crates are slowly unpacked to reveal the artworks contained inside.

In mid-July, half of the crates were unpacked and the artworks were installed in the gallery. The rest will be unpacked in a couple of weeks. Since the unpacking takes place when the museum is closed to the public, we thought we’d share these photos of the process with you. For the record, you will be able to see the final performance associated with Storage Piece, which will occur during a conversation between Haegue Yang and curator Lynn Zelevansky in the gallery on September 10.


Storage Piece as it was originally installed


The unpacking in process


Laying and unpacking the flat art which will go on the wall


Preparators study the artist’s directions for installation


Hanging the art


The project is almost finished…


First phase of unpacking complete

Scott Tennent and Yosi Pozeilov, Senior Conservation Photographer

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