Happily Enjoying HappyHappy

Gilbert Ottley, security officer at LACMA, knows Choi Jeong-Hwa’s HappyHappy in the park quite well. His regular post is at the guard kiosk just thirty feet or so from this community art installation. And while Mr. Ottley’s primary responsibility is to monitor loading dock activity and pedestrian traffic entering the museum on 6th Street, lately he’s been taking a lot of photos. Museum visitors often ask him to take their picture to memorialize their contributions to the collaborative art piece. Today I offered to take his picture—next to his favorite addition to the sculpture, a giant car designed for toddlers to ride in.


Gilbert Ottley and Choi Jeong-Hwa’s "HappyHappy"

Mr. Ottley’s favorite observations are seeing people interact with the art piece. Kids love to play around it and adults like pointing out the strange collection of stuff that’s accumulated. And everyone takes a lot of pictures!

If you haven’t yet added to the sculpture, it’s high time for you to go through the toy box or recycling bin and bring your colorful plastic stuff to LACMA. I can’t promise that Mr. Ottley will be available to take your photo, but we’ve got a supply of zip ties at the ready for your use to attach your contributions.

Karen Satzman, Manager, Art Classes and Family Programs

One Response to Happily Enjoying HappyHappy

  1. julie weeks says:

    There’s a lovely, pink BARBIE car here – just dying to be liberated!

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