Tweets You Like

As I discovered when I compiled the first of these posts last month, it’s pretty interesting to see what links our Twitter followers clicked on most. Not surprisingly, Devi’s tweet about the book recommendations you sent to her via Twitter was really popular, but overall you have diverse tastes—including a taste for cookies. Here were our most popular tweets of July. (You’re following us, right?)

A compiled list of book recommendations for you, by you! Thanks for all your input. —DN

Michelangelo made the Sistine Chapel ceiling in 4 yrs but it took 2x longer 4 this artist to cross-stitch the same. —ES

With school out, here’s a fun game for kids and adults. But trust me, it’s much better looking at the art in person —DN

@music4picture The Dark Night of the Soul show is at the Michael Kohn Gallery, see link for information. —ES

Works of art in a tasty medium. @whippedbakeshop Wish I lived in Philly! —ES

Allison Agsten

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