YBF: The Behind the Scenes Video

Who made the hyperrealistic and seemingly infinite array of tiny household objects to be found in Fallen Star 1/5? Is the Needle Woman real or an illusion, as she holds her ground on the streets of world cities? And what’s going on in the enormous twenty-dollar bill projected on a BCAM wall? Annie Carone and the Behind the Scenes video camera visited the galleries of Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea to get the answers on these vital questions. There Assistant Curator Michele Urton provided the lowdown on Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star 1/5, Jeon Joonho’s The White House, and Kimsooja’s A Needle Woman, three commanding large-scale works at the heart of the exhibition—an Artforum Critics’ Pick that’s on view till September 20.

One Response to YBF: The Behind the Scenes Video

  1. Hal Frank says:

    I appreciate that your piece is candid and well written. In view of Los Angeles County’s changing demographics my hope is the museum will increase its attention to contemporary art which reflects the diversity of interest in our community.

    H Frank.

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