Best of the Decade—Tell Us What You Think

The Los Angeles cultural community has grown dramatically in the last ten years. On the eve of a new decade, we at Unframed asked LACMA curators and other museum staff what they felt the best thing was to happen to the visual arts in LA and at LACMA since 2000. Next week we’ll run their responses along with a selection of your opinions.

So, tell us what you think—what’s been the greatest development in the LA art scene, and at LACMA, in the last ten years?

Allison Agsten

One Response to Best of the Decade—Tell Us What You Think

  1. Grace says:

    The berlin exhibition in March was amazing. LA is not known for their art but this exhibition really put us on the map. I went to school in NY and I had professors raving about the exhibition (she even used it has a mid-term option). Finally it lined up really well with the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. Well done LACMA.

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