Where Am I Supposed to Put This?: An Installation

A few weeks ago I was invited by LACMA’s Collections Manager, Lana Johnson, to a very special art opening in her office—a “break opening,” as in, come during your fifteen-minute coffee break. The invitation mentioned free cookies; I was sold.

Lana had commissioned the work on view from Senior Art Preparator and artist Steve Craig. Inspiration came to Steve from a conversation with Lana where she told him of her never-ending quest to find space for the storage and protection of LACMA’s permanent collection as well as the crates that contain them—a dilemma that often prompts her to ask herself: Where am I supposed to put this?

So, Steve set to work, creating “Where Am I Supposed to Put This,” an installation that consists of a wall contraption that mimics a rudimentary balance. At each side of the balance hang two small crates made to resemble those used here at the museum to transport and house artwork—logos, markings, and all.

Yosi Pozeilov

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