Bye Bye

This is my last week at LACMA so I thought I’d say a quick goodbye. Only a year and a half has gone by since we started Unframed but that seems like positively ages in internet time. Since then, I’ve spoken with colleagues at other museums, with college students, and aspiring social media practitioners about what we do here. When people ask what makes our blog stand out, I always say that it’s the editing. We treat the blog really seriously and I think that shows. Tom, Brooke, and Scott, editors extraordinaire and my partners on the blog, are the absolute best there is and I’ll miss our collaboration very much. I’ll also miss having the opportunity to tell you about the little-known in and outs of the museum. (This remains my favorite post I wrote for Unframed.) Our other contributors have those and other stories covered though. (I’m especially looking forward to reading American Art curator Ilene Fort’s take on the term “California artist”—stay tuned for that post.) But I won’t be too far away. In fact, I’ll still be on Wilshire Boulevard. Starting in March, I’ll be at the Hammer, working with the museum’s artist-in-residence in a curatorial capacity and also creating a new department to totally reenvision the museum experience. So, for now goodbye, though with any luck, we’ll meet again soon.

Allison Agsten

3 Responses to Bye Bye

  1. Gina Lee says:


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts on this blog.
    Thank you for the wonderful insights.
    Best wishes to you at the Hammer – another fantastic institution.


    Marketing Coordinator
    California Science Center Foundation

  2. Will Cary says:

    Allison, best of luck to you at the Hammer. They are lucky to have you, and I hope you’ll be able to talk more (either in a blog post or somewhere) about your goals for this new department!

    All the best,

  3. Frank Lloyd says:

    Dear Allison,
    I will miss your posts on Unframed. I have been inspired by your posts, and look to Unframed as exemplary in the category of art blogs. Indeed, your behind-the-scenes posts are my favorites, too. I hope you keep in touch with your readers, as you move to the Hammer.
    Best, Frank

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