Jazz at LACMA 2010

This Friday marks the opening night of our nineteenth jazz season at LACMA. I always look for a special musician to open the series, someone who epitomizes the best of the L.A. jazz scene. In that regard, it’s hard to top Red Holloway—one of the musicians who created the L.A. jazz scene, both as a saxophonist and as the talent director of the legendary Parisian Room.

Red has been on the world stage for nearly sixty years and is still blowing strong. He started his career playing with Dexter Gordon, Billie Holiday, and Chuck Berry. For most musicians, those would be the career highlights, but Red went on to tour and record extensively with Lionel Hampton, Jack McDuff, George Benson, Clark Terry, Sonny Rollins, along with his long partnership with Sonny Stitt. The guy is living jazz history.

Dizzy Gillespie, Red Callender, and Red Holloway

At 82 years young, Red’s touring schedule has not slowed down. He still jets around the globe as one the revered jazz figures of our time. Be it straight-ahead, blues, soul, or bop, Red does it all. For our opening-night concert he’ll be joining drummer Gerryck King and his organ trio. The clip below features Red with a different group—organist Rhoda Scott and drummer Bobby Durham—but should give you a taste of what to expect this Friday.

Mitch Glickman, Director of Music Programs

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