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This week we launched Project Membership, a campaign to get 10,000 new members in the next ten weeks. As part of the project, we asked some of our members to let us know how art affects their lives, and to tell us a little bit about their favorite works of art (at LACMA or anywhere else), among other questions. It’s been really fun to get to know a few of our members better—they’re insightful and have enabled me to think about art in different ways. Here’s a sample of some of the answers we received. You can read the full interviews with each of these members (and more) here.

Jaime Turrey, Owner, Monsieur Egg

How does art affect your life? I used to live with some artists of the found object variety, so historically, art challenged my sanity. But over time their work helped me to appreciate more and more the beauty, history, and strangeness of the world around me.

What’s your favorite work of art? The Mexican muralists (Rivera, Siquieros, Orozco) were a great influence on me. Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park says a lot of things about me.

Mike and Malcolm Miley and Amelia Chen Miley, Teacher/Writer and Registrar

How does art affect your life? Mike: I want to spend all my time immersed in art. Art is what gives my life joy and meaning. I am always awed and humbled by other people sharing their points of view with me and getting me to see the world in a new way. Art is where we learn the most about ourselves and our potential. It makes us more appreciative, compassionate, and enriched. I can’t imagine living one day of life without art in it.

Amelia: Artistry in the natural landscape and in architecture is something I’ve learned to appreciate as I’ve gotten older. Driving around Los Angeles, you can get a little of that everyday. If I’m having a dreary day, I’ll check out designsponge.com to see what new creations they’ve decided to highlight that day. I’ll always find something to brighten my day.

Elizabeth Allen, Film and TV Director

How does art affect your life? I work in a commerce-driven art form, but often use more pure (non-commercial) art as my inspiration. For example, I use artwork as references and communication tools with my crew when prepping films.

Elizabeth Hunter, Writer/Producer

What’s your favorite work of art? Michelangelo’s David, especially when contrasted and compared to Barkley Hendricks’ Brilliantly Endowed. I like perfection.

Sara Granik, Manager, Entertainment Advertising

How does art affect your life? I was so fascinated by my high school art history class that I decided to spend a year in Florence when I went to college. That year in Europe changed my life—my eyes were opened to beauty I never imagined could exist. Today, my love of art is manifested in my daily life, teaching me that sometimes you have to look deep to see the beauty in a person, situation, circumstance.

What’s your favorite work of art? Courting Couples in the Voyer d’Argenson Park in Asnières by Vincent Van Gogh. I saw it in Amsterdam in 2002 and just stood and stared for about an hour. The large print now hangs in my bedroom at home and I often catch myself staring again!

Wes Craven, Filmmaker

What’s your favorite work of art? Edvard Munch’s The Scream. The Simpsons’ version isn’t bad either.

Ellen Castruccio, Director of Marketing, Membership

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  1. L. Bueno says:

    This is awesome! Great work Ellen!

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