Thursday Sneak Peek: The Resnick Pavilion Will Be Open!


We’ve been talking about the Resnick Pavilion all week now, even though the building doesn’t officially open for another few months. Cruel, aren’t we? All the worse that we titillated you with pics of Walter De Maria’s 2000 Sculpture, which is installed inside even though no one is allowed in. Doubly cruel!

Well, today (Thursday, June 10)—we’re actually inviting you into the Resnick Pavilion for what we’re calling an all day “flash visit.” It’s a sneak peek at something we’re very proud of—a chance for you to get an advanced look at an incredible artwork and a stunning building before it’s been installed with walls, exhibitions, didactics, signs, etc.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Resnick Pavilion will never again look the way it will for you tomorrow—so vast and spacious with only a single work of art cast in the middle. It’s almost meditative and truly something to behold—so we really hope you can stop by and take advantage of this historic opportunity (all that’s needed is a membership card or a general admission ticket, or stop by between 5 and 8 pm when we’re free).

Check it out and let us know about your experience by writing to us here or on Twitter or Facebook!

Scott Tennent

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