Mustache ’til Midnight

Did you miss Saturday’s Muse til Midnight? If so, you also missed mustaches. There lots of mustachioed gentlemen (and ladies!) roaming the event. Here were some of our favorites, courtesy photographer Jonathan Ikemura.

Scott Tennent

4 Responses to Mustache ’til Midnight

  1. Drucilla Sputnik(The Sputnik Sisters) says:

    Way to double fist it sister!

  2. Speaking of memorable moustaches, I have to share this one by August Sander, which has got to be one of the all-time greatest portraits of facial hair. I wouldn’t want to be stopped for jaywalking by this cop.

  3. Marlena Sputnik says:

    Yes, Mother would be proud!!!

  4. jessica says:

    Way to double fist it sister… Jessica

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