This Weekend at LACMA: Sundays Live, Open Daybook Party, and Chuck Prophet (Monday)

As the weather in Southern California finally seems to have turned toward winter, perhaps a trip to the warm galleries of a museum are in order this weekend. We’ve got lots of exhibitions on view right now, appealing to all tastes: photography, abstract painting, European painting, Olmec statues, Tibetan furniture, European costumes, and contemporary works on paper.

That’s plenty to take in, but it’s hardly the tip of the iceberg. You can pick any one of these exhibitions and then connect it to another installation in the museum. Once you’re done with Olmec, head across campus to our permanent collection of pre-Columbian art, featuring the colorful if provocative gallery design by Jorge Pardo. Tour the Tibetan furniture from the Hayward Collection, then wind through the European or American galleries for more furniture from other eras of regions of the world. After you’ve taken in Blinky Palermo in BCAM, head upstairs to see Color & Form—then head over to the Pavilion for Japanese Art to see an installation of abstract expressionist painting from Japan.

Hagiwara Hideo, Stone, 1959, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Juda

If you’re here on Sunday, pop into the Art Catalogues bookstore at 4 pm for drinks, appetizers, and astrology readings in celebration of The Open Daybook, a 365-day calendar, with each day made into an original artwork by the likes of Miranda July, Alexandra Grant, Chris Johanson, and Aaron Rose. A number of the artists involved with the book will be on hand for the party.

Following the party, head into the Bing Theater for a free performance from pianist Inna Faliks, who will perform works by Beethoven as part of our Sundays Live Series.

Finally, with all the talk about William Eggleston and rock and roll on Unframed this week, I’d be remiss not to mention the special free concert from the amazing Chuck Prophet happening this Monday. Prophet, who used Eggleston’s photos on his album Age of Miracles and on Here Come the Snakes, an album by his old band Green on Red, will be performing his songs inside the William Eggleston galleries. The event promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s free, but tickets are required—they’ll be available at the box office starting one hour before the concert.

Scott Tennent

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