This Weekend at LACMA: Final Weekend for Chabrol Thrillers, India’s Fabled City Lecture, and More

Tonight and tomorrow are our final entries in the current Claude Chabrol film series, Le Beau Claude: Eight Thrillers by Chabrol. Tonight, two early films—Les cousins,  from 1959, and Les bonnes femmes from 1960; tomorrow, one of my personal favorite late Chabrol films, Merci pour le chocolate (featuring a captivating performance from Isabelle Huppert), followed by 1969’s revenge thriller This Man Must Die

Exhibitions on view right now include Fashioning Fashion and India’s Fabled City. Our ongoing Andell Family Sundays have taken the former as their theme for the month of February—bring your kids so they can make ready-to-wear art!

Fans of Indian cinema and music should check out our free lecture on Sunday afternoon, Listening to the Courtesan—The Soundscapes of Pakeezah. Aparna Sharma, filmmaker and professor of world arts and culture at UCLA, will discuss Pakeezah, an acclaimed 1971 Hindi film whose sounds—not just the music but many other sounds in the film—serve as a reflection of the main character’s inner thoughts.

Sunday night, cellist Guido Schiefen and pianist Eric Levan will convene on the stage of the Bing Theater for our free Sundays Live concert, performing the complete cello/piano works of Franz Liszt.

Finally, one more event just after the weekend is over—Monday night LACMA curators Franklin Sirmans and Leslie Jones will converse with artists Andrea Bowers, Francesca Gabbiani, Alexandra Grant, Julian Hoeber, Dave Muller, and Mungo Thompson on the topic of their favorite books, held in conjunction with two book-related shows happening at LACMA now, Steve Wolfe on Paper and R.B. Kitaj’s Covers for a Small Library.

Scott Tennent

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