This Weekend at LACMA: Diary of a Country Priest, Jazz at LACMA, Sundays Live

This weekend we are pleased to be screening a brand-new 35mm print of Robert Bresson’s 1951 classic, Diary of a Country Priest, which Pauline Kael once called “one of the most profound emotional experiences in the history of film.” The film tells the story of a young priest (Claude Laydu) who must wrestle with an indifferent, even hostile congregation. Bresson’s subdued direction only adds to the power of the film. This is a rare opportunity to see the film on the big screen, and we’re giving you a handful of chances all weekend—it’s screening twice tonight, twice tomorrow, and once more Sunday afternoon. Read more about the film in today’s LA Times.

Diary of a Country Priest

Meanwhile there are plenty of exhibitions to check out if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet—David Smith, Vija Celmins, Human Nature, Firooz Zahedi’s photographs of Elizabeth Taylor in Iran, and of course our vast permanent collection.

Bookending the weekend are two free concerts: tonight, the David Arnay Trio takes the stage for Jazz at LACMA, and on Sunday the Capitol Ensemble will perform works by Schubert and Mozart for Sundays Live.

Scott Tennent

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