Three Simple Rules for an Eight-Hour Performance

You might already be familiar with Brody Condon—three of his video works provide the engaging backdrop for our recently opened Stark Bar.  Tomorrow at LACMA, Condon will present Line-Up (After Trisha), an eight-hour performance inspired by choreographer Trisha Brown’s “Lineup” pieces from the 1970s, with the performers wearing costumes by Rodarte. The performance will begin at noon in the BP Grand Entrance and will last all day long.

Condon has presented versions of the performance at several venues, and at LACMA, he considers the museum’s grid-like outdoor space to create a world—similar to designing a video game—for real-life players to move and interact within. And just like a game, these performers have to adhere to a set of three basic rules:

  1. Each 12′ pole must stay connected at all times
  2. The movers should move slowly and constantly in a circle
  3. Any viewers are to be regarded as ghosts on another plane of existence; they can be seen but not touched or spoken to

In the video below, the artist talks more about the world he’ll create for the performers tomorrow.

Christine Choi, Communications Manager

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