This Saturday: Muse ArtWalk 2011

This Saturday, Muse Artwalk explores the Miracle Mile with free access to LACMA, the Architecture+Design Museum, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Page Museum, and Petersen Automotive Museum, along with fifteen participating galleries and a wide range of artist projects. No genre is ignored as ArtWalk plays host to painting, music, dance, readings, film, and conversation. Here are just a few of the highlights:

It’s Cool, I’m Good by Stanya Kahn
“With a complex sound score and over twenty locations featured, It’s Cool, I’m Good reflects a stressed personal state amidst a stressed environment…With an inexorable sense of humor, Kahn’s protagonist is vulnerable and manipulative, narcissistic and generous, steering the viewer as an enthusiastic tour guide all the while offering a non-stop flow of anecdotes, observations, and advice on how to navigate this difficult reality.” —ArtSlant 

Vox Humana Project with LA Art Machine
Founded in January 2010 and based in L.A., Vox Humana is a program of carefully selected live art happenings and mural installations in the U.S. and abroad by celebrated street artists and muralists from around the world. Artists participating at ArtWalk include Mear One, Jamie Johnson, John Park, and Hans Haverson, plus Jean Wells installs her Urban Fruit Tree.

John Park and Hans Haveron

A Gallerina’s Guide by Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre
In addition to site-specific dance performances all over LACMA’s campus, A Gallerina’s Guide is a living art show and interactive exhibit that explores real opportunities for engagement with contemporary art. With the audience listening on infrared headsets, live performers in oversized frames expose the mysteries of the Nude, the action of Still Life and the kaleidoscope of Color Field.

A Gallerina's Guide

Scott Benzel  Concentric Circles (After David Smith)
Benzel’s performance/installation is for 3 (infinite) lock groove lacquers and a string trio. Benzel is joined by Heather Lockie and Cassia Streb on viola along with Jessica Catron on cello. Taking place inside the Resnick Pavilion, the ethreal sound will give the exhibition a cinematic quality.

This is just a small taste of everything planned for this Saturday’s free extravaganza. For the complete list of museums, galleries, and programs, visit

Jason Gaulton, Muse Coordinator

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