Serra’s Sequence is Moving Out

After three years of being installed on the first floor of BCAM, Richard Serra’s Sequence sculpture is moving to a new home at the Cantor Arts Center  in Stanford, CA.

Sequence installed on the first floor of BCAM

Moving the 213 metric-ton work made up of segments of cor-ten steel pieces was no easy feat. The deinstallation crew split the piece into its smaller parts, moved each piece individually through the “barn doors” on BCAM’s west side, and then, with the help of a massive crane, moved all pieces to the area just west of the Resnick Pavilion.

Most people never see the hidden doors.

The first piece of Sequence exits BCAM.

The crane begins to move the first piece.

Staff and visitors held their breath as the piece was carried just near—but not over!—the Resnick Pavilion.

This process was repeated for each piece over a couple of days until the full sculpture was successfully moved from BCAM.

If you weren’t able to see Sequence at LACMA, it will be on view at the Cantor Arts Center until 2016, when it will be presented as part of the inaugural installation of the Fisher Collection in the expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Alex Capriotti

Photos by Yosi Pozeilov

2 Responses to Serra’s Sequence is Moving Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sad to see it go (although I thought it needed a room with higher ceilings) but it’ll be fun to see it at the Cantor soon! I hope another one of his cor-ten pieces ends up in LA some day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i loved this piece and am sad to see it go as well! wish i had gone in to see it again before it left!

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