A Telly for LACMA

If you’ve been to the movies, watched TV, or watched Transit TV while on LA Metro, you’ve probably seen our 3-D commercial, directed by Brian Daly, produced by Mob Scene, narrated by Morgan Freeman, and starring Chris Burden’s Urban Light. We’re proud to announce that our commercial has just won a Telly Award for its use of 3-D! The commercial was made possible last year by its executive producer and LACMA trustee Carole Bayer Sager—a name we seem to be bringing up a lot on Unframed.

We asked Brian Daly how he felt about the award and he responded, “This was a passion project for everyone involved—namely 3ality, James Newton Howard, Morgan Freeman, Carole Bayer-Sager, Mob Scene, and especially LACMA.”

The Telly Awards have been around since 1978 and are devoted to honoring television commercials, video and film productions, and work created for the web. This year they received more than 11,000 entries from five continents, so we’re quite honored to have topped the field in the 3-D category. Congratulations to Brian and Mob Scene.

Scott Tennent

2 Responses to A Telly for LACMA

  1. These lights are magical. Everytime i am at LACMA art lovers from all around the world love to be around this lights and they love to take pictures and videos.

  2. Brian says:

    Love the ad, love the museum, and I LOVE Urban Light, but I’m very disappointed to find LACMA supporting the travesty that is Transit TV. TTV is a blight on the city, blaring with it’s un-mutable TVs in public spaces that used to encourage reading, quiet contemplation, or even conversation. It’s a shame that one of the cities brightest lights, LACMA, is adding fuel to this particular fire.

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