VIDEO: Preparing for Levitated Mass

Recently, amid tractors and cranes, on the edge of a deep trench being dug just north of the Resnick Pavilion, we spoke with John Bowsher, who is overseeing the installation of Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass.

The sculpture will be complete this fall, after a 340-ton boulder is maneuvered into place above an open slot more than 450 feet long. Visitors will be able to pass beneath the boulder and experience it hovering above them.

In the video below, John talks about the physical dynamics of the construction and the process of working with a living artist on a truly massive project.

Amy Heibel, with Alexa Oona Schulz

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  1. […] over a 456 foot long walk-in trench in the lawn on the north side of the Resnick Pavilion). Today, LACMA’s Unframed blog posted this video of Vice President of Infrastructure John Bowsher explaining a little bit about the structure that […]

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