A Slice of Pie

Beware! This post will most likely make you crave something sweet.

On Sunday, LACMA and KCRW presented the 3rd Annual Good Food Pie Contest where everyone from home-cooks to professionals submitted pies to be judged by some of LA’s best chefs and food writers. Over 200 pies were entered into one of the following five categories–cream, fruit, savory, nut, and, of course, Tim Burton-inspired.

Contestants got innovative with their pie fillings and even their pie names (especially in the Tim Burton category!)–Beetlejuice Pie with green tea slime and goo, Oogie Boogie Cherry Pie, Mushroom Forest Tart, The Apple Pie with Many Eyes, Chumpkin Pocolate, James and the Giant Bourbon Honey Peach Pie, and more.

Here’s one of the amazing Tim Burton -themed pies. View a slideshow of all of the Tim Burton entries.

Here’s a birds-eye-view of more of the gorgeous (and delicious) pies. Feast your eyes on all of the entries.

The day was full of activities–even for those who didn’t enter a pie. Bakers and eaters showed their enthusiasm for all things pie by wearing their aprons (many were homemade or vintage!) and strutting around LACMA for an apron walk-off.

Kids and families participated by making their own artful, inedible pies in our family day art activity.

Docents took visitors on dessert-themed tours of our galleries.

Pie makers served their creations to a crowd of hungry, pastry-loving attendees.

And judges presented awards to the top entrants.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Stephanie Shaiken – Classic Apple Pie

1. Stephanie Shaiken – Classic Apple Pie
2. Sam Robinson – Peach Blueberry Crumble
3. Jessica Kubel – Apple Cranberry

1. Stuart Faber – Pecan Toffee Pie
2. Kristin Anderson – Marcona Almond Pie
3. Claudia Guevara – Pecan Pie

1. Sandra Nuzzolilo – Banana Cream Pie
2. Morgan Simons – Banana Nutella Cream Pie
3. Linnea Weaver – Max’s Cheese Pie

1. Terry Sweeney – Persian Tart
2. Jennifer Wang – Tomato Pie
3. Marla Cusack – Zucchini Pecorino Pie

1. Emily Baker – “James and the Giant Peach” Pie
2. Bobbie Chi – Blueberry Pie for Tim Burton
3. Gretchen Getz – Chocolate Chess Pie


Photos by Micah Cordy

Alex Capriotti

One Response to A Slice of Pie

  1. This was the ultimate Sunday Funday!! Big thanks to LACMA for hosting 🙂

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