Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Jazz Age

This Saturday, LACMA Muse has the privilege of hosting The Golden Stag New Year’s Eve Celebration at one of Los Angeles’s oldest and best-kept secrets—the Park Plaza. The beautiful neo-gothic building was built in 1925 as Elks Lodge no. 99 by architect Claud Beelman. Park Plaza provided the Elks with a haven from Prohibition, hosted indoor swimming events for the 1932 Olympic Games, and has a staggering number of film shoots under its belt.

Photo courtesy parkplaza.com

Hiding in plain sight on the edge of MacArthur Park, the impressive façade features an array of sculptures and shelters a breathtaking interior. Once inside the Park Plaza’s doors, you are taken through time to the grandeur of the jazz age. Detail is everywhere from the high, intricately designed ceilings to the grand staircase in the foyer, to the brilliant Gold Room, Bronze Room, and Grand Ballroom. The Gold and Bronze Rooms (or Parlor and Speakeasy come Saturday) open to an expansive patio. Upstairs, the wood-paneled Grand Ballroom holds a large dance floor, perfect for the 18-piece jazz orchestra that will be on hand for the New Year’s festivities. Walking through the Park Plaza’s halls, it’s easy to see what made the ’20s roar.

Photo by Richard Min, courtesy parkplaza.com

Inspired by the hotel, we, along with Sypher Art Studio, created The Golden Stag to build on the Park Plaza’s Jazz Age spirit. The environment, entertainment, and service pay tribute to the bygone era. It’s going to be the cat’s pajamas. Check out this video of Alice Underground, one of Saturday’s many performers, for a preview of what’s in store at The Golden Stag. For more information on the party, including tickets, visit The Golden Stag page.

Jason Gaulton, Muse Coordinator

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