What to do with your Valentine

Today marks two weeks until Valentine’s Day. The LACMA stores are great places to shop for your sweetheart. We have jewelry, clothing, limited edition prints, books, posters, exhibition-specific items, notecards, and more.

A beautiful jewelry piece in our shop is the sterling silver Love Necklace by Alexandra Grant, which was designed to benefit the Watts House Project. The shape of the sculpture embodies both the hand-made and universal aspects of love. A great way to enhance this gift would be to visit the Watts House Project together to see how love has made the Watts neighborhood project come together.

In conjunction with our California Design exhibition, we partnered with Bedhead to make these fun pajamas for men and women inspired by a modern textile design by Paul László. Start your Valentine’s Day with a visit to the exhibition, buy two sets of pajamas (and maybe the exhibition catalogue too!), eat a delicious meal with the mid-century-inspired décor at Ray’s, and then cuddle up on your couch in your matching pajamas.

Celebrate sensuality with this small and expressive netsuke. The woman represents Tame no Uzume, a plump, merry Shinto goddess, who was often depicted as Okame, a woman who reveled in her sensuality. This piece is a hand-painted reproduction of an original netsuke in our collection. Check out the rest of our netsuke collection in the Japanese Pavilion before heading to Little Tokyo for a Japanese dinner.

Our shop also has numerous limited edition prints. In David Salle’s lithograph Vista (2010), which was commissioned for LACMA, two orange armchairs rest in the open air. This print almost demands a relaxing day for two at the beach. With the amazing weather we have had lately, maybe a little R&R at the beach is what you both need.

Check out more great gift ideas in our online shop or onsite (view our shop hours).

Alex Capriotti

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