Follow Us Down the Rabbit Hole of Social Media

A week or two ago, LACMA rather quietly increased its presence in the social media world by adding Pinterest and Tumblr to its corral. Our intent is to make both sites a little different from the kind of content you get here on Unframed, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. On Pinterest we will be sharing images from our collection, exhibitions, and campus, as well as historic shots from the archives and more. Our Tumblr is a more casual catch-all for images from the collection (taken by us, or by you), plus videos, links, and other oddities we might come across on the internet (like this one, found via Hyde or Die).

Our kind of guy.

Are you on either site? Follow us! While you’re at it, follow other museums on Pinterest like the Hammer, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, SFMOMA, and the Smithsonian. Over on Tumblr you can also find the Getty, Mass MOCA, MCASD, the New Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of ArtSFMOMA, and the Walker Art Center. Are we forgetting anyone? (Are we forgetting you?) Let us know in the comments below.

Scott Tennent

6 Responses to Follow Us Down the Rabbit Hole of Social Media

  1. alexishyde says:

    Umm….Kinda uncool that you didn’t source that I was the one who found that missed connection?

  2. Hrag says:

    Shouldn’t you cite the source of the image you’ve posted? LA-based blog Hyde or Die.

  3. lacma says:

    Sorry Alexis – we just amended the post. Apologies!

  4. Robert Dobilabo says:

    I want to see The Clock. Is LACMA going to show it again? Can I get an advance warning?

  5. Love that you are on Pinterest now… It would be really cool to see things like detail shots of the Eames’ living room bookshelf or other pics that would be much harder for the rest of us to get…. So fun!

  6. alexishyde says:

    Thanks 🙂 THat means a lot!

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