Ghosts of Costumes Past

With only one week to go until Halloween, and only three days until LACMA’s famous Muse Costume Ball, we thought it would be fun to introduce some of our staff in favorite Halloween costumes from years past to stir up some ideas for the event.


JoAnna Reyes Walton (with Glenn and Liliana Walton)

Favorite artwork: Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz’s View of the Town and Harbor of Toulon (La villa y rada de Tolón)

What I do at LACMA: research assistant, Latin American art department

Favorite costume that’s knocked on your door: Kids dressed up as food


Megan Knox

What I do at LACMA: curatorial administrator, Latin American art department

Favorite artwork: Angel Zárraga’s La femme et le pantin

Favorite candy to get when trick-or-treating: Sweet Tarts


Connie Ng as Gotham tower

What I do at LACMA: marketing manager, membership department

Favorite artwork: Chris Burden’s Urban Light at dusk

Who would win in a fight: vampire, mummy, or werewolf? Vampire! Edward Cullen . . . with his dramatic pauses! (Editorial note: there was no pause whatsoever in this answer.)


Jessica Youn as jack-o-lantern

What I do at LACMA: communications associate, communications department

Favorite artwork: Mark Rothko’s White Center

Do you think LACMA is haunted? I don’t know. You should asks the ghosts.


Meghan McCauley at LACMA Costume Ball in 2012

What I do at LACMA: new members manager, membership department. I also get to plan the Muse Costume Ball!

Favorite artwork: Ed Ruscha’s OK

Favorite costume I saw at LACMA last year: Martian from Mars Attacks

Show your costumes off at LACMA this Saturday during the Muse Costume Ball for a chance to win prizes awarded by costume designers Judianna Makovsky (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone), Julie Weiss (Hitchcock, Frida), and Daniel Orlandi (Saving Mr. Banks, Down With Love).

For more info and tickets here.

Meghan McCauley, new members manager, membership department

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