My Melodiously Magical Sunday Evening at LACMA

One of the perks of interning at an organization as dynamic as LACMA is becoming familiar with the variety of programs and events that take place. For instance, the Sundays Live series is a truly wonderful (and free!) opportunity to hear classical music that I had previously not explored. Thus, to rectify such an omission, I attended my first Sundays Live performance on October 27 and was greatly impressed by the caliber of talent that LACMA showcased in the cozy Bing Theater.

Capitol Ensemble

Capitol Ensemble

The performance I attended featured members of the Capitol Ensemble playing with Rina Dokshitsky a program of Romantic-era pieces by Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann. The concert was broadcast live on KUSC, adding to the excitement of the event. As I waited for the concert to start, I observed that the audience was a diverse cross section of the community, which included seasoned classical music aficionados and likely newcomers. Notably, there were families taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce their children to classical music and students curious about the genre. The works, a violin sonata and a piano quintet, had a transcendent effect that made for a truly magical Sunday evening—the perfect ending to the weekend.

Sundays Live offers free classical concerts every Sunday evening at 6 pm, hosting a variety of musicians and ensembles. This series effectively underscores the complementary nature of visual and performing arts.

So next time you are planning your weekend, consider incorporating an experience with music at Sundays Live after out the works of art in the collection and special exhibitions. You might make connections between what you see in the galleries and onstage.

Oxana Ermolova, intern, marketing

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