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Hylan Booker

Gallery Attendant

What I do: As a gallery attendant, my presence is to insure the safety of the public and the art. But primarily, we see ourselves as service providers in helping to inform and guide about the many and various exhibits at any given time. At home, I paint and it is usually thematic. At the moment and for the last year I am working on a series called In The Name of Flag, an expressionistic painting of uniforms, medals, and flags. Also I’m in the midst of writing a book on Fashion, Art & Power.

Hometown: Detroit (early years), London (college and later).

At LACMA—Picasso’s late work Man and Woman. I am particularly fond of the late work because the objective rationale is defused and the emotional arc of his artistry is less sure. Also: the mannerist Joachim Antonisz Wtewael’s Lot and His Daughters and Mark Rothko’s White Center.
Movie: Bladerunner.
Restaurant: Trattoria il Piccolino.

What I’d like to know: On an absurd level, everything; but more prosaically, can “art” reach into the ordinary world and affect something more than beauty and entertainment.

5 Responses to Hylan Booker

  1. Homer Fan says:

    Loved your article on Winslow Homer the “Obtuse Bard”.

  2. J. Williams says:

    You my brother, have the BEST blog on here!! Keep up the beautiful work and keep representing!!

  3. simalex says:

    Hey, really enjoyed your commentary on Ellsworth Kelly. Definitely looking forward to seeing the exhibit myself.

  4. Kevin Newman says:

    Dear Hylan

    I am Chrissie Harris’s biographer. Chrissie is now living in Spain.We have just spent a week with her there and have started mapping her life.. I am in San Francisco from 20 to 23 March. I would love to talk to you and get a perspective from you about your time with Chrissie.

    Please contact me on kevin.laptop@btopenworld.com

    Kevin Newman

  5. Mel Tichik says:

    Twin brother Harold back in Detroit? Clairmount?

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