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Scott Tennent

Senior Writer/Editor

What I do: Write and edit for LACMA’s members magazines, among many other projects (large and small) for the museum’s Membership and Development departments.

Hometown: Born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but grew up in Fresno, California. I also spent solid years in Tempe, Arizona, and New York City.

Artwork: At LACMA: Lee Mullican, Space; elsewhere: La Monte Young, Dream House and Janet Cardiff, 40-part Motet.
Movie: 2001.
Restaurant: Elf, in Echo Park.
Part of LA: The beaches and canyons of Malibu.

What I’d like to know: Why do so many films show photographers developing color film in darkrooms? There are too many people on set who should know better.

2 Responses to Scott Tennent

  1. Sam Hunter says:

    Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band!

  2. I’m really impressed with all of your blog entries. It’s great to read your writings about art since your personal blog became solely focused on music. Keep up the great work!

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