WoW: NexGen Artwork at LACMA and Beyond

If you pass by the corner of La Cienega and Melrose before June 8 you can see dragons, tigers, bamboo, and even a few portraits and abstract artworks—created by visitors to the Boone Children’s Gallery.

The Center for Early Education, a not-for-profit school in West Hollywood, invited LACMA’s Education Department to be a part of WoW: Windows on West Hollywood—a project showcasing artwork created in programs serving the families of West Hollywood and Los Angeles. The Boone Children’s Gallery jumped at the chance to be a part of the project and exhibit brush paintings made by kids, teens, families, and adults made at LACMA.

One of the most successful components of the Boone Children’s Gallery has been its informal community gallery—which all visitors love to add to. At any given time there is an unjuried installation that reflects the ages, interests, and skills of the diverse NexGen population. Some works reveal that families work collaboratively on one painting together. Other paintings show that the artist formally studied the art of brush painting before while other works indicate an extreme novice (i.e. toddler!).

All the paintings currently displayed in CEE’s three large windows facing out onto La Cienega at Melrose were proudly donated to the Boone Children’s Gallery by their makers. In a few weeks a new round of art will be on display created by children and families from another of CEE’s community picks. Check it out.

Karen Satzman, Manager, Art Classes and Family Programs

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  1. MoM says:

    I love “EXTREME novice” = Great title for a blog?

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