The Rise of the Resnick Pavilion

I can’t tell you how refreshing and energizing it is to walk out onto the east side of our campus and see the Resnick Pavilion in all its glory—unobstructed by construction fencing and surrounded by Robert Irwin’s palm trees. This side of campus feels more open and airy than ever before. Although you can’t get inside the building just yet—it officially opens October 2 (sooner if you’re a member)—you can still get a good look inside as the building has two glass facades. That said, we can get inside—and tomorrow we’ll give you a peek.

It seems like just yesterday that this area north of BCAM was an expanse of dirt and concrete. As far as major buildings go, the Resnick Pavilion sprang up pretty quickly. Here’s a look at how it all came together.

Scott Tennent

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  1. yoart says:

    Nice and fancy

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